Perceived pro-WO wording recommended for church manual, debate ensues — ADvindicate

To me this is heavily connected with the decision about WO so I think it was a wise call to wait. I'm a little confused about why the delegates who don't think it is connected care about holding off. As far as I can understand it won't hurt them and it would maintain harmony with those who are worried that it is connected.

Gonna keep praying for everyone involved with this. I know that God's will will be done. What I worry about is all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Whatever the outcome, I pray that if anyone disagrees with it that they will take it up with God in prayer before making any rash decisions. I have my own beliefs based on my personal studying and I've told myself that if I disagree with the outcome at GC that prayer will be my first order of business. Heaven forbid that I or anyone else should misunderstand something and be lost over it.


May. 22nd, 2015 05:55 pm
Yesterday evening I was a bit surprised to see a mother rabbit with her 4 baby bunnies right out in the open. Though it was an adorable sight, especially when the bunnies all went to get some milk from their mom. Sometimes when they were playing they'd flop over on their backs with their little legs kicking in the air.

I snapped a picture but the quality wasn't that great since I had to take it from behind glass. It was too hard to get all the bunnies in one shot. They were all over the place.

Sadly, my cat got one of the bunnies later on. I thought it might happen but I didn't know where my cat was right away to keep him from the rabbits.

Now I just hope the rest will be safe. I've never seen a mother rabbit bring out all her babies like this before. It seems odd so I wondered if they got spooked from their nest. Usually I see bunnies wait until they are ready to live on their own before they all come out like this.

Professor Walter Veith takes you through the principles of evolution to expose what scientists are not telling you. With a doctorate in zoology, Professor Veith proves creationism scientifically.

Walter Veith has taught university students for many years and once again presents this relevant information in an easy to understand multimedia presentation.

101 - The Earth in Time and Space / Genesis Conflict - Walter Veith

Youtube links to the whole series.

1. The Genesis Conflict - The Earth in Time and Space
2. The Genesis Conflict - A Universal Flood
3. The Genesis Conflict - Bones in Stones
4. The Genesis Conflict - Where Mammals Reigned
5. The Genesis Conflict - The Genes of Genesis
6. The Genesis Conflict - Creation to Restoration
7. The Genesis Conflict - A Day to be Remembered
8. The Genesis Conflict - A Spade Unearths the Truth

I was curious about how to say "Happy Sabbath" in Japanese so I looked into it. Here are a couple of ways.

いい安息日を! (ii ansokunichi wo)


ハッピー·サバス! (happi sabasu)
God worked in my life and the life of my family in a miraculous way this morning. Last night we prayed for his intervention because we had no way to handle all our own needs. The financial situation looked grim. However when I woke up this morning there was a letter in the mail addressed to me with all that we needed in it. Praise God for His love and grace.~

I just wanted to make a post so that I don't easily forget the things He has done in my life.
Tiger's Eye

Golden and red-brown Tiger's Eyes next to a Hawk's Eye (An incompletely silicified blue variant of the Tiger's Eye).

The mineral in the background is an unpolished Tiger's Eye.

These are photographed from my collection.

Collecting rocks and minerals has been a long time hobby of mine. I love all the different shapes, colors, and textures. So when I read through Revelation 21 and came across the texts about the foundations of the wall of the New Jerusalem I decided it would be amazing if I could collect a specimen of rock for each foundation. It could be a mini exhibit =).

19 And the foundations of the wall
of the city were garnished with all
manner of precious stones. The first
foundation was jasper; the second,
sapphire; the third, a chalcedony;
the fourth, an emerald;
20 The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth,
sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the
eighth, beryl; the ninth, a topaz;
the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the
eleventh, a jacinth; the twelfth, an
               - Revelation 21:19,20 KJV

To sum that up, I'll need:
  • jasper
  • sapphire
  • chalcedony
  • emerald
  • sardonyx
  • sardius
  • chrysolite
  • beryl
  • topaz
  • chrysoprasus
  • jacinth
  • amethyst
The modern identity of some of these minerals is still disputed, so it's hard to know for certain exactly what I need. However I have already started to collect what I can positively identify. So far I've got jasper, chalcedony, beryl, and amethyst. I'll just have keep collecting gradually as I can afford it and as I come across the specimens needed.





(Didn't take any pics of the jasper and amethyst yet.)

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